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The best free online conference platforms

So you can talk to clients from far away.

How to make an extra $2000 this year

Everyone should have a freelance side gig. Here's why.


47% of Americans find stress relief with pets, study finds

Just a few minutes with an animal or even watching a fish swim lowers cortisol and reduces stress.


75% of Americans say stress interferes with family life

53% of Americans also ranked work problems as a top stressor, according to new report.


Weird Al loves freelance writers and editors

Weird Al Yankovic's "Word Crimes" (Credit: screenshot) You may have heard that Weird Al has come up with another comedic gem as part of his 8 days, 8 videos campaign:…

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6 best social media apps for freelancers

Many small businesses have a presence on social media or use their personal account for business. But most don’t have time for developing a full strategy and making sure…


6 in 10 managers pressured to work extra hours unpaid

Excessive workloads and overbearing bosses are causing more than half of managers feel pressured to work extra hours, according to a new survey.

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4 ways to simplify your business and sell smarter

What makes us buy? Why do we pick one product or service over another? Why do we buy the cup from IKEA and not the Seen-on-TV tea cup that keeps…

Keeping up with acquaintances: The simple marketing tool you keep forgetting

All freelancers understand the importance of networking. But many screw up how to stay in touch with the people they’ve met. There are certain people who are worth developing…

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Why testing everything is your #1 business tool

One of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned in business is that I should never assume I understand my customers/readers/clients -- or my client’s customers.…


78% of Americans think "personal freedom" is the new American Dream

Freelancers are at the forefront of the American workforce’s changing value system, and are blazing the trail for a more sustainable, entrepreneurial, worker-focused economy.

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The secret that big businesses should learn from freelancers

Why are freelancers generally happy with work? Here's the real answer.

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7% jump in businesses hiring online, report finds

A report released recently by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) found that 10% of businesses are interested in hiring through online staffing platforms like Elance-oDesk, up from 3% in 2013.

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87% of freelancers have multiple sources of income

The new workforce is throwing out all the rules and forging their own path to a meaningful, sustainable, and entrepreneurial life.


50 Most Powerful Women in New York

Founder of Freelancers Union Sara Horowitz is one of the 50 most powerful women in New York, according to the Daily News.


Nice guys win: 3 reasons generosity leads to success

More and more research illustrates the power of altruism.


Study: Looking at photos of women leaders boosts your confidence

J.K. Rowling, 2010. According to a recent study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, women give longer and better public speeches when exposed to photographs of well-known female…


Proud to be independent: Send us your photo!

Are you proud to be independent? Nearly 9 in 10 freelancers (88%) would choose independence over a traditional 9-to-5. For this Independents Day (get it?!), tell the world “I Choose…


Why you should join Freelancers Union

Since 1995, Freelancers Union has been at the heart of this movement, connecting its members to benefits, resources and community.


Why creative people think inside the box

Photo by David Dodge Several years ago, a man named Drew Boyd walked into the offices of an “innovation consultant.” People were playing with frisbees, wearing sneakers, and using buzz-word-y…