Jun 30, 2022

Here’s what businesses need to know about the enhanced business meal deduction

The IRS encourages businesses to begin planning now to take advantage of tax benefits available to them when they file their 2022 federal income tax return. This includes the enhanced business meal deduction.…

Jun 29, 2022

How to Create Attention-Grabbing Social Media Video Content

So you’ve decided to try your hand at creating video content to grow your small business. Now what? It’s not enough just to jump in and start making videos; you want to ensure your videos actually accomplish something. Namely, grabbing the attention of your target audience.…

Jun 27, 2022

It's time to bring Freelance Isn't Free legislation to Los Angeles

Freelance Isn’t Free Law in Los Angeles will establish protections for freelancers like the right to a written contract & timely and full payment

Jun 27, 2022

What taxpayers need to know about making 2022 estimated tax payments

Some taxpayers earn income not subject to withholding. For small business owners and self-employed people, that usually means making quarterly estimated tax payments.…

Jun 22, 2022

Do I Need a Single-Member LLC?

Separate yourself from your business, legally, financially and mentally.…