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Find a gig / share a gig in new online network for freelancers

What’s the best way to get gigs or find freelancers? By asking your network!

That’s one of the many reasons we built an online community (called Hives): to make it easier to find a great network of local and national freelancers.

One of our most popular Hives this week is Work, work, work. Created by long-time Freelancers Union member Marc Scheff, Work, work, work is all about posting work you need done or work you can do.

Check out the network.

Screenshot of one conversation in Work, work, work.

Post now to meet other freelancers! Even if you don’t feel like posting publicly in the network, but you feel like working with another HIve member, click on their name and get their contact info on their profile (or Email them directly through their profile).

And while you're there, browse through 50+ brand new Hives started by members of Freelancers Union over the last week.

Have fun -- and get that gig.