Dear Diary: journaling is good for you

Journal writing isn't just an exercise for the literary-minded; it has proven positive effects for your mind and body.


Perfectionism vs. mastery: How to be happy with a near win

“How many times have we designated something a classic, a masterpiece even, while its creator considers it hopelessly unfinished, riddled with difficulties and flaws, in other words, a near win?…

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7 Simple ways to build your freelance business in 2014

We’ve entered the second half of 2014, and it’s a perfect time to evaluate what’s gone well so far -- and how you can improve your business…


Why you say "um" (and how to stop)

Freelancers have dozens of stressful conversations a day. Conversations in which what we say -- and how we say it -- could mean the difference between getting a new client…


5 Simple programs that are way better than Microsoft Word

Writing requires focus. Whether it’s a creative piece, a blog post, or a copywriting job for a client, I use Microsoft Word out of habit -- not because it’…

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Part-time self-employment on the rise, study finds

Part-time microentrepreneurship is among the fastest growing segments of self-employed people, according to a report released in the UK by Etsy and the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts,…

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Join the Women Entrepreneur Revolution

When you think of women entrepreneur role models, I bet you can only come up with a few: maybe Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg, or Marissa Mayer. But what about someone who’…

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Big clients: How to find them and what they want

Some helpful tips on finding and landing those ideal clients.


Tell us what you think

Your input about the plans on the National Benefits Platform is crucial to helping us offer the best possible benefits for freelancers. What do you like? What doesn't work for…


What benefits or services would improve your freelance life?

In the past twenty years, freelancers have come together to build a lot of great things. With our new National Benefits Platform, we’re proving that when we work together…

Google builds new tool for small business owners

Google launched “My Business” last week, a platform that helps small business owners reach their customers. The tool brings previously released tools like Maps, Google+ business pages, and Insights in…

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Freelance pros take the zeros out of project bids. Here's why.

Learn why freelance pros take the zeroes out of project bids.

Increase your productivity with fetal position, The Onion reports

In case you missed this video, don’t let your week end without it. Freelancers are well-versed in the downsides of the 9-5 life: desks, staff meetings, pants, limited access…

Why multitasking is terrible for your business

It’s in nearly every job requirement nowadays: “must be good multitasker”, “must be able to juggle competing priorities.” Despite recent evidence, most of us still have this idea that…

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What's your not-getting-paid story?

44% of our members reported issues getting paid in the previous year. On average our members are owed over $10,000 in unpaid invoices and spend 36 hours tracking down…


Are you happier when you’re creating?

Photo by kellinahandbasket. Have you ever been so deep into a creative project that the rest of the world falls away? According to new research reported in CNN this week,…

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Why introverts make great freelancers

I used to be afraid of going freelance because I thought talking to people and “selling myself” looked exhausting. I’m not a master networker. In fact, I have to…

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What's the best country for women entrepreneurs?

“The world cannot prosper without the economic participation of women.” -Charlotte Deal, Director Women’s Initiatives, Dell Last week, Dell released their annual report on the state of women entrepreneurship…


How I survive without coffee

When I tell people I don’t drink coffee, I get one of the following: a) “I could never do that. You must be so healthy.” b) “How are you…

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What if a client forbids you from including something in your portfolio?

Need help dealing with a legal issue? Download the Freelancers Union app to connect with a lawyer committed to helping freelancers and who understand the freelance life. Protect your work:…