4 in 10 new businesses started by women

Women entrepreneurs started 4 out of every 10 businesses in America in 2014, with women starting a 1200 businesses a day, according to the latest OPEN State of Women-Owned Business…

The amazing people who inspire freelancers

Wow. In case you thought of freelancers as an isolated bunch, just check out all the people who were inspired to start their businesses & follow their passions by friends,…

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Here's what ice cream teaches you about money & clients

The profitability of your business is always top of mind. But when you decide to raise your prices, you inevitably face the prospect of losing clients. Wouldn’t it be…


Tetris boosts brain power (and increases its size), study finds

After you’ve finished a really difficult task, do you find your brain doesn’t shut off? That it’s still trying to process and figure out what you couldn’…


Artists' brains are structurally different, study finds

Do artists have different brains than the rest of us? Or do our brains change when we do art regularly? A study published last week in the journal NeuroImage confirms…

Does your business dry up in the summer?

Seems like no one's working. Are you?


4 ways to harness the power of intuition

Listening to your gut saves you time, money, and anguish.


Women work together to save the bees

Most of you have heard about the plight facing bees around the world. Bees help create one out of every three bites of food you put in your mouth, and…

4 types of late-paying clients (and how to get your money)

Need help dealing with a legal issue? Download the Freelancers Union app to connect with a lawyer committed to helping freelancers and who understand the freelance life. Protect your work:…


Was your grandma the life of the party?

“Even as technology catapults us into the future, our nostalgia and appreciation for days gone by has never been stronger.” We’re living at a time when teenagers treasure their…

Why is your life a blur? The brain needs simplicity & awe

Photo by Ravenperch. “For freelancers, freedom in work, health in life, and community in both are the ticking hands on the new gold watch.” - Sara Horowitz, Founder of Freelancers…


7 fascinating Ken Burns documentaries you must see

We explore the greatest documentaries of our time.

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What if you doubled your rate?...Like right now?

We talk a lot on this blog about what it means to bring real value to your clients. Not just a list of skills. Not just a project you apply…

Money & Taxes

Have you had problems getting a mortgage or proving income?

Freelancers often have difficulty getting mortgages.


Why your brain craves music

Memory and music are stored in the brain in such a way that we remember music when we appear to have forgotten everything else -- even who we are.


Free access to The New Yorker this summer

What’s better than getting a crisp new copy of The New Yorker in your mailbox? Surely it’s today’s news that you can access every article of every…