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Jan 5, 2017

Finland becomes first European country to trial Basic Income system

After Switzerland passed [] on a motion for Universal Basic Income last year, Finland has taken the lead […

Nov 17, 2016

Mayor de Blasio signs Freelance Isn't Free Act into Law

Yesterday, November 16, 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City signed the Freelance Isn't Free Act into law. This starts the clock on a 180 day countdown until…

Nov 3, 2016

What to do about health care? The conversation on both sides of the aisle

Access to quality, affordable health insurance has always been a headline issue for independent workers. In our report, Freelancing in America 2016 [], we…

Nov 1, 2016

5 ways NYC freelancers got the Freelance Isn't Free Act passed

For most of us, a new law is just something that appears one day – in the news, on a neighborhood notification board, or on your desk as just another form…

Oct 27, 2016

Freelance Isn't Free Act passes in NYC with 51 votes!

In a truly historic moment, New York City became the first city in the nation to protect freelance workers against client nonpayment today on October 27, 2016. This landmark victory…