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4 great ways to manage your time

There are apps, devices, and techniques that you can use to improve your time management skills.

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Freelancing over the holidays? A simple guide to maintaining your sanity

The holidays can be a challenging time for freelancers. Here's how to avoid adding additional pressure.

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Can co-working with virtual strangers enhance your freelancing business?

Collaborating with strangers can add value to your business and increase the types of services that you offer.

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Are you undercharging? How to price your freelance writing gigs

Whether you use one pricing method or a combination, make sure you are fairly compensated and transparent with your clients.

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It’s not just a Hollywood problem: Freelancers and sexual harassment

Unfortunately there is no clear, uniform pathway for addressing workplace sexual harassment for freelancers.

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Think B2B and B2C marketing doesn’t matter for freelancers? Think again

Even if you only freelance on the side, you still can benefit from content marketing.

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How a stay-at-home dad found success as a freelancer

Nate has figured out how to work on projects that are purposeful and profitable without compromising his family life.

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3 tips for creating compelling content

Content generation can be one of the most difficult things about freelance blogging. Here's how to come up with compelling ideas.


Watch out for this: Arbitration and your rights as a freelancer

Freelancers need to pay attention to forced arbitration. Anything that takes away your right to present your case in court is problematic.

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What if the thing you are most afraid of doing is the thing you are supposed to do?

Great things are possible when you don't allow your fears to overwhelm you.

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Moving from freelancer to business owner? 3 questions to ask yourself

Considering leveraging your freelancing career to launch a business? Ask yourself these questions.

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Reputable places to find paid writing opportunities

These writing platforms are transparent and fair, whether you're looking for a long-term commitment or project-by-project opportunities.

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3 tips for attracting and sustaining high-value clients

Attracting and sustaining high value clients may take some extra time, but they are important for your business.

3 tips for feeling empowered as a freelancer

Feeling empowered can lead to longevity and sustainability in your freelance business.

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8 tips for working with clients from long distances

Having long distance clients is a great way to increase your client roster. Here are some tips to be successful.

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6 tips for creating a social media presence that works

Social media is a virtual gold mine if you figure out how to use it to your advantage.

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3 steps for turning your passion into a career

Here three of the ways I leveraged something that I love into a successful second career.

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Dealing with writer’s block (again)

Writers block can't be avoided, but you can develop coping strategies to help you beat it.

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5 facts about freelancing that may surprise you

A new meta-study of freelancing reveals some surprising facts about independent workers.

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Can love be the guiding force of your business?

Love and passion just don’t seem to belong in a discussion about business practices. But shouldn’t they?