Money & Taxes

Are you ready for a rainy day?

Independent workers face greater income variables than the traditional workforce. Here's how to prepare for a rough patch.

Clients & Gigs

How to handle a dissatisfied client

Freelancers are bound to run into occasional misunderstandings with clients. Here's how to resolve issues effectively.


Why you should make self-care a priority

Before freelancers can be good for clients, they must be good to themselves.

Advocacy Money & Taxes

Why freelancers should care about the government shutdown

The government shutdown highlights the importance of fair pay, equity, and solidarity. Here's why we need to come together.

Clients & Gigs

Why mentorship matters

Whether you are 18 or 65, there is value in recognizing when you need help or assistance. Many people who transition from other careers to freelancing, or who start off…