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How do you deal with online harassment as a freelancer?

Source: mikael altemark

As a citizen of the internet, you’ve probably seen the worst that the internet has to offer.

Trolls. Harassment. Sickening comments. Stuff that makes you want to stop writing comments, blog articles, or social media posts. We all know dozens of people who have closed social media accounts or comment feeds on their blogs in order to escape this sort of stuff.

As freelancers, this often isn’t just an inconvenience. Especially if you’re a content producer -- a writer, a social media strategist, an online moderator -- this stuff can be totally overwhelming and lead to situations where that type of content interferes or even prevents your work.

This gets even more complicated if there’s a third party -- the client or website you wrote for, or the product you were trying to promote.

Have you dealt with online harassment as a freelancer? If so, what did you do about it?