Running from safety

Don't let fear of the unknown get in the way of your success.


Join Caitlin Pearce at a special event in NYC

Become part of the #IMakeaLiving conversation.

Money & Taxes

Your guide to getting paid, courtesy of your union

Freelancers Union is launching new resources for freelancers across the country to help fight back against nonpayment.

Money & Taxes Advocacy

Fight back against nonpayment

Freelancers Union is launching new resources to educate freelancers about the #FreelanceIsntFree law.

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How to file a nonpayment claim with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs

Freelancers in New York City have access to a dedicated Freelancer Navigation Program to help them with nonpayment disputes.


Increase your productivity–without caffeine

Productivity tips sourced from experience.

Advocacy Community

Freelancers strike back: #FreelanceIsntFree

Freelancers Union is celebrating the anniversary of the Freelance Isn’t Free law with new resources for freelancers dealing with nonpayment.

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How to become a freelance SEO consultant

Turn a skill into a freelance career.

Clients & Gigs Advocacy

Does pay transparency have the potential to transform freelance work?

Publicizing freelance rates is a major step toward ending income inequality.

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Why you shouldn't give a damn

Learning to let go for your own sake.

Money & Taxes

How a new deduction could cut your tax bill by 20%

You may be able to lower your tax bill next year.