May 16, 2022

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Protect Your Freelance Writing Business

Whether you’ve been at it as a freelance writer for some time or recently made the switch, protecting your business is vital for building and maintaining your success.…

May 12, 2022

New Survey: 60% of NY freelancers not being paid for work performed

A new survey conducted by Freelancers Union found that 62% of freelancers based in NY had lost wages from their employer’s refusal to pay them

May 12, 2022

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

The era of the freelancer is here, and you can literally make money doing anything — so why not do something you really love?…

May 11, 2022

Suddenly Self-Employed? Key Tips for Combining W-2 & 1099 Income

Given the focus in May on National Small Business Week, (May 1 to 7) and the end of the tax filing season, if you find yourself transitioning from regular wage-earning employment income (reported on a W-2) to self-employment (tracked by those who pay you on a 1099)…

May 9, 2022

How to Find Your Target Audience

Do you know who your customers are? Or how to use this information for marketing? Take your business to the next level by defining (and redefining) your target audience.…