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Live your values: The freedom in freelancing

Working for yourself can allow you the freedom to live by and promote values you find important.

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Unwarranted perseverance

The key to maintaining excellence is internalizing your worth.

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Time is on your side: Building client relationships

Building client relationships is a lifelong gig.

Clients & Gigs

Before you quit your day job, make sure you can deliver

Consistency is one of the most important prerequisites for success.

Money & Taxes

3 compelling reasons you should pay more attention to your accounting

Keep track of your money to keep control of your business.


Overcoming perfectionism is essential to freelancing success

Perfectionism is not a creative's best friend.


4 ways to improve productivity when you work from home

Maximizing productivity for home-based freelancers.

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How to keep your credit score stable as a freelancer

How to ensure your credit's stable when your income isn't.

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10 tips for managing major transitions

Surviving–and thriving through–stressful transitions.

Community Creativity Health

The freelancer's pantry

Foods to keep on hand for busy weeks.

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6 first-time homebuying tips for freelancers

Pro tips for freelancers looking to buy their first home.

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10 social media guidelines for freelancers

Ten tenets to keep you out of trouble online.

Top 5 remote jobs for freelancers over 50

Technological advances have increased the number of remote and part-time jobs.

Community Clients & Gigs Creativity

3 ways to bring more freedom to your freelance business (without sacrificing income)

FREEDOM. Isn’t that one of the reasons you decided to go into business for yourself?

Community Clients & Gigs Creativity

Why quality should matter most

Supporting quality content is a virtuous cycle.

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Personal branding for freelancers: The 5 most common questions (and answers)

A personal brand is the most effective way to stand out in a crowded field.

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What are the benefits of forming an LLC?

Establishing yourself as a legal business entity is the next step in formalizing your freelance career.

Money & Taxes

Tips for managing your money when your income is variable

Here are a few tips for managing the variable income that comes with freelancing