How to build a solid network

Building a solid network isn't as hard as some make it seem.

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Things I’ve learned after being mistreated as an independent contractor

Experience has taught me to brace for bad behavior. But I don’t take it to heart and I remain prepared to fill the gaps.

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The question all freelancers should ask themselves

All freelancers should ask themselves this simple question. You might be surprised where it takes you.

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Hey, freelancer: go clone yourself!

Imagine if you could just duplicate yourself when the work comes flooding in all at once. Here are five challenges you may face while outsourcing.


Why mentorship matters

Take the time to seek out people who will give you honest feedback and keep you inspired.

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Do you know your freelance rights?

Did you know that as an independent worker, you have certain rights that protect you from behavioral and financial control from your clients?

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5 ways to improve your freelance portfolio

Use these 5 tips to get your freelance book in top shape.

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Why freelancers can’t approach money with an “employee” mindset

If you can forget the employee mindset and view your income like a business owner, you’ll have a more realistic view of your finances.

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A labor lawyer predicts how the Freelance Isn’t Free Act will play out in court

What’s going to happen when freelance nonpayment cases hit the courthouse


Join the Freelancers Union board!

Want to get more involved with Freelancers Union? Apply to be our next Member Representative on the Freelancers Union Board of Directors!

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5 reasons to love freelance writing

There are people who don't like freelancing or think you'll never get enough money to survive. Here's why I love freelance writing.

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Invest in your brand

It's okay to be frugal, but not when it comes to investing into your brand.

Advocacy Community

Freelancers show their solidarity!

Thanks to everyone who told the world why they stand with freelancers.

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Freelancing and the racial divide

Studies suggest that there is a racial divide in freelancing, but the larger question is why?

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5 myths about starting a business - debunked!

When starting a business, you’ll likely encounter naysayers who will be quick to give you unsolicited advice. Here are 5 myths, debunked.

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A freelancer’s guide to hiring a lawyer

Too many freelancers avoid hiring a lawyer even when they need one. If you want your business to thrive, don't make that mistake.

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5 reasons why your business might be underachieving

Having a business is hard, but it's harder when it isn't where it should be. Here are 5 reasons you may be falling short.

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The unpredictable freelance life: expecting the unexpected

Preparing yourself ahead of time for an unexpected crisis can keep it from becoming too hot to handle.

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Passing for young-ish: Aging in the workplace

I was passed over time and again by companies interested in hiring younger employees, paying them less, and managing them more easily. Here's what I did.

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Branding for freelancers: It’s not a dirty word

Branding starts by asking questions about who you are, what you do, and who you want to work with.