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The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Health Insurance

Learn everything you need to know about getting freelance health coverage for 2024.

If you identify as a gig worker, freelancer, fractional worker, independent contractor, solopreneur, entrepreneur, creative worker, or just consider yourself self-employed, the task of securing health coverage often falls solely on your shoulders. Whether it’s your first time in this process or you’re a veteran freelancer, we’ve got the guide to the most reliable and affordable healthcare options for you. And for the first time since 2014, Freelancers Union is offering health coverage options to our members in all 50 states!

Understanding Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is the crucial time of year when freelancers can enroll in or make changes to their healthcare plans. Beginning November 1st, 2023 and running until January 15th, this is your golden opportunity to secure the coverage you need for the upcoming year.

Health Coverage Options

If you don’t qualify for a federal program like Medicaid or Medicare, you still have choices - With more than 20 years of experience connecting freelancers to the right insurance plans, we at the Freelancers Union have done the research to bring you the best products on the market.

Individual Health Plans

We’ve scoured the state marketplace and worked with insurance partners across the U.S. to find the best plans for independent contractors. Click here to learn more about the plans available to Freelancers Union members through providers like Cigna and Oscar, and in New York, MetroPlusHealth and EmblemHealth. This year, we've expanded our reach to more states than ever before. By creating or logging into your Freelancers Union account, your zip code will help us provide the best plans to provide you with the quality care you deserve.

Affordable Telehealth

From the creators of OneMedical, Galileo Medical is a digital medical practice that makes quality care more convenient, affordable, and easy to use. There are two plan options for freelancers: Galileo Medical, which includes 24/7 unlimited telehealth, and Galileo Medical plus Dental, Vision, & Prescription Discounts, which offers additional coverage and discounts to fill the gaps in traditional health insurance. Whether you already have insurance, and are adding on Galileo Medical Plus for the additional benefits, or are uninsured and looking for an affordable way to access healthcare, this is an affordable and high quality option for access to health care. Plus, Freelancers Union members get an exclusive discount!

Payroll & Benefits Package

Opolis is the only member-owned, one-stop employment and benefits platform for freelancers and independent workers in the country. They provide employment tools normally reserved for traditional “employees”, like legitimately premium health coverage through Cigna’s largest national network, high-quality retirement plans, semi-monthly paystubs, annual W2s, tax compliance, and more.

Other Insurance Offerings

Though the Open Enrollment window from November 1 - January 15th, 2024 is the only time you can enroll in or change your health insurance plan, it’s a great time to check in on all of your other insurance plans as well. We've compiled a comprehensive list of all our insurance offerings to help you explore the best plans for yourself and your business.

Dental & Vision

Many traditional health insurance plans don’t include dental or vision. Neglecting to take care of your teeth and eyes can lead to other impactful (and expensive!) health issues down the line. As a Freelancers Union member, you can get exclusive access to dental and vision coverage through Galileo Medical Plus, or separately with our partners at Guardian Dental and VSP Individual Vision Plans.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Long-term disability insurance (LTD) is an insurance policy that protects you from loss of income in the event that you can’t work due to illness, injury, or accident for a long period of time. We've partnered with Guardian to provide disability insurance that is designed specifically for freelancers.

HSA Accounts

Healthcare is consistently ranked as a top financial concern for freelancers, but a health savings account (HSA) can help save you money and put your mind at ease. An HSA is a personal savings account for healthcare expenses that helps you save when paying for common expenses such as glasses, prescriptions, co-pays, lab work, and thousands of other eligible items. 

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required by many clients, and helps freelancers protect themselves and their business from the financial burden of mistakes and accidents — whether they were at fault or not. Any business that provides a service or gives advice would benefit from the peace of mind that freelance liability insurance offers.

Term Life

Term life insurance offers you and your family financial stability in the case of your death — with as much support as you need for as long as you choose. Freelancers Union members get access to Guardian’s term life insurance policy, a flexible, easy-to-use plan designed especially for freelancers.

You may find that your healthcare options are different this year - maybe your income has changed, you're no longer eligible for a certain plan, or you can no longer afford health insurance. Without insurance, your savings and your health are at risk. While we can't fix the American healthcare system, we don't want freelancers to go without any type of health coverage. If you have more questions about your options, members can speak with our experts directly at

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