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These New York City Council candidates will work for freelancers’ rights

This year’s election in New York City is going to be huge. Due to term limits, the mayor, comptroller, and two-thirds of City Council seats are open to a suite of new challengers. It’s an opportunity like no other to make meaningful change for our community.

Earlier this year, working with an endorsement committee of six Freelancers Union member volunteers from different industries and backgrounds, we announced our first slate of City Council endorsements, as well as our two choices for mayor. As we get closer to the primary elections in which these candidates are running (June 22!), we’re continuing to conduct candidate interviews with the member committee to identify other freelancer-friendly candidates who deserve your vote.

Freelancers Union represents more than 500,000 members, more than 150,000 in New York City alone. Freelancers are the backbone of the economy, yet they are still left out of many important policy discussions. But we have the power to change this! When we organize our members around important policy issues, like Freelance Isn’t Free, we have been able to make huge steps forward. We believe that supporting candidates who back freelance issues is an important step to building our collective political voice.

Here are the three latest additions to our roster of City Council candidates. If you’re not sure what district you live in, you can input your address here to find your district and the name of your current rep.

Elizabeth Adams in District 33 in Brooklyn (Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Bed-Stuy)

“More than ever, we need fresh ideas and worker advocates to ensure a just economic recovery. And we need to prioritize high-quality jobs and protections for independent contractors and gig workers, or we will jeopardize the wellbeing and financial stability of our city. Our workforce has shifted significantly in the past several years—including with the growth of the gig economy and independent contractors—yet our laws and worker protections are still far behind. Our city needs to catch up, and I am looking forward to being a strong advocate for freelancers in the City Council.” —from Elizabeth Adams’ candidate questionnaire

Marti Allen-Cummings in District 7 in Manhattan (Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights, Manhattanville)

"I am so proud to have the endorsement of the Freelancers Union. As a gig worker of more than 10 years, I know firsthand how their members have been left out by City Hall far too often. I also know that freelancers and gig workers are a pillar of the New York economy and these jobs are essential to our recovery effort. I look forward to working with the Freelancers Union on issues of wage theft, a portable benefits fund, and harassment in the workplace while we work to make New York the #1 destination for freelance and gig workers." —Marti Allen-Cummings

Crystal Hudson in District 35 in Brooklyn (Crown Heights, Fort Greene, Prospect Park, Bed-Stuy)

“I'm proud to have the support of the Freelancers Union and ready to work alongside them for the dignity and security of all workers. As we face the challenges ahead, we need bold leadership guiding our path to recovery and uplifting working people. I'll keep fighting to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to affordable housing, high-quality healthcare, fair wages, and worker protections.” —Crystal Hudson

All of these candidates will be on the Democratic primary ballot on June 22. To connect with us on volunteering opportunities for any of our endorsed candidates, please email

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