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Oct 06, 2020

A mixed earner PUA fix was passed by the House as part of HEROES 2.0

A second HEROES Act was passed by the House on October 1, including a new fix for those who receive both W2 and 1099 income and whose UI payments were miscalculated.

Aug 31, 2020

How freelancers are making commercial photography safer by joining together

To return to work safely, these commercial photography freelancers wrote a comprehensive safety protocol for clients to follow.

Aug 28, 2020

Keep your eyes safe from this hidden summer threat

Sun exposure can affect your long-term eye health. Here's how to protect yourself.

Aug 07, 2020

What you need to know about the home office tax deduction

Could you be writing off part of your rent & utilities? It depends how you set up your work-from-home space.

Jul 29, 2020

The Senate’s new relief package proposal is a failure for workers

Everything freelancers need to know about what the proposed HEALS Act does and doesn't do for workers in need.