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Still don't have disability insurance? Fix the gaping hole in your safety net

Long-term disability can strike anyone, at any age, so freelancers must protect themselves.

Health Advocacy

Missed the health insurance Open Enrollment deadline? Here’s what you need to know

You may still have time to shop for health insurance plans, otherwise you may need a “qualifying event” to be eligible for coverage.

Clients & Gigs Health

How to thrive, not just survive, as a freelancer

To make the most of self-employment, look after yourself as well as your clients.


Key ergonomic habits to adopt right now

With so much else to juggle, freelancers often forget to organize their ergonomic set up. Here's why you should, and why it matters.


Why you should make self-care a priority

Before freelancers can be good for clients, they must be good to themselves.