Clients & Gigs

Your competitors sell services. Here's why you should sell value

Clients don't just want services, they want a freelancer who understands their broader business needs and provides real results.

Money & Taxes

Just in! NYC freelancers might see some reprieve from tax reform this year

New York State is opting not to follow all the statutes of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Here's how it might help freelancers.


How to make slow travel work for you

Having the freedom to travel is a major advantage of freelancing, so here's how to take it slow, lower your costs, and expand your mind.


Why you should make self-care a priority

Before freelancers can be good for clients, they must be good to themselves.

Advocacy Community

Be a leader, grow your business

Make 2019 the year you commit to growing your business and giving back to your community.