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7 lessons freelancers can learn from the Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival was a Millennial Pink-tinged scam gig for the ages. Here's how independent workers can avoid the next one.

Clients & Gigs

How to use every spare 15 minutes to grow your business

Every slot on your day planner is an opportunity to network, research, learn, and boost your brand.


Key ergonomic habits to adopt right now

With so much else to juggle, freelancers often forget to organize their ergonomic set up. Here's why you should, and why it matters.

Freelancers may get a late break on tax penalties

Freelancers may find "safe harbor" from late payment of estimated taxes.

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How to take your photography skills from good to great

Getting to the next level as a photographer is about more than technical skills. Here's how to find your niche, sharpen your focus, and truly communicate.