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Freelancing is a force — and we need to reckon with it

We need our leaders to adapt to this changing landscape.

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Stop doing this one thing and become instantly more productive

It’s time to stop thinking of multi-tasking as a “résumé worthy skill” and more of a bad habit that needs to stop.

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On the mysteries of talent

Talented people sometimes think they don't need to work hard. They are wrong. Hard workers might think they don't have talent. They’re also wrong.

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5 soft skills that every freelancer should have

These soft skills are probably equally as important, if not more important, than some of the other skills that are needed to advance in one’s field.

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How to win new clients through cold emailing

I’ve been able to more than triple my hourly rate and win big-time clients through cold emails. Here's how.

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Confessions of a self-employed mom

Does being a mom and working for oneself always go smoothly? No, but the trade-offs are worth it for those of us who love it.

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Use this big business account management tactic to boost business

If you’re trying to land more sophisticated and higher-paying business clients, you need to operate your business more like they do.

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The importance of solidarity in 2018 - the small steps that we can all take

The beautiful thing about solidarity is that you determine what being actively involved looks like for you.

Money & Taxes

Freelancers, don’t let unpaid taxes halt your international travel

If you have more than $51,000 in unpaid taxes your passport may be in jeopardy due to new procedures implemented by the IRS.

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Enter to win $250 - take our 2018 survey on freelance workforce issues

What are the top challenges you face as a freelancer? Complete our Annual Independent Worker Survey to help us advocate for solutions and build a stronger community. As I begin…

Advocacy Community

Vote for the next member representative on the Freelancers Union board

Member participation is critical to shaping the future and vision of our union. We need Freelancers Union members to help decide on our next Member Representative. The elected Member Representative…

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3 incentive programs that can help increase your clientele

You may not think be thinking about using incentives for your freelancing business, but you should.

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How the "GTD" method saved one freelancer's sanity

GTD guides you to develop a system to organize your to-dos, priorities, and schedules.

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5 lessons from my first year freelancing

5 tips for organizing your business so you can focus on the things that are most important.

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10 tips that will turn you into an epic freelancer

If you’re giving yourself more opportunities to succeed, it’s only a matter of time before you will succeed.

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Practical tips for taking time for yourself to help you achieve your goals

These strategies helped me tackle my issues with productivity and get out of my rut.

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3 tips for dealing with new freelance job jitters

Freelancers have to start new jobs often. Here's how to keep the knots out of your stomach.

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5 steps to becoming more productive and less busy

If you’re ready to grow your business and carve out more time to do whatever else floats your boat, these 5 strategies will set you free.

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How failure at being a "superwoman" led to freelance success

Life happens. Growing from mistakes is what helps makes us successful entrepreneurs.

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How to make 2018 a great year in your freelance career

Here are some strategies that may help you in 2018 in quarter one--and beyond.