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3 tips for creating compelling content

Content generation can be one of the most difficult things about freelance blogging. Here's how to come up with compelling ideas.

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What freelancers should know about pet insurance

Freelancers should consider these four questions before purchasing pet insurance.

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Find your purpose in re-purposing

Save time and money by re-purposing your content for new audiences.

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Share a photo of your pet for a chance to win $100 in pet supplies!

Celebrate freelancers’ best friends for a chance to win $100 to reward them with their favorite treats.

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Help protect your freelancer’s best friend with pet insurance

Be happy knowing your favorite co-worker is protected with pet insurance.

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Fine-tune your social media presence with a minimalist approach

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to help discover the best social media platform for your business.

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Don't pass up a marketing opportunity

Everything you do that is visible to the outside world is marketing.

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5 money struggles every freelancer faces (and how to conquer them)

Don’t wait for New Years to make a resolution. Conquer your money struggles today.

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Every day is a new opportunity for growth

Stop comparing yourself to others and start enjoying the journey.

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5 productivity tips and tools

When you’re used to life at a big company, going solo can be challenging. Here are five tips for better productivity.

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What freelancers need to know about enrolling in Medicare

Medicare Open Enrollment started on October 15. Here’s the information you need.

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Freelancers need better benefits

In our 4th annual survey of the independent workforce, freelancers expressed a desire for better portable benefits.

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What freelancers need to know about Trump’s actions on ObamaCare

Trump’s new executive orders could fall hard on independent workers. Here’s what you need to know.


Watch out for this: Arbitration and your rights as a freelancer

Freelancers need to pay attention to forced arbitration. Anything that takes away your right to present your case in court is problematic.


Freelancing in America 2017

Freelancing in America is the most comprehensive study of the independent workforce. This year, we look at the phenomenal growth of freelancing.

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5 steps for finding your unique voice

With a personal brand, you don't need to wait for people to choose you. But first you need to find your unique voice.

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Why I’m rejecting the “hustle” mindset

We expect success to be the result of sweat and tears and outrageous hours, but does it have to be that way?

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How to respond when invited to speak…for free

Should you take an unpaid speaking gig or not?

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Health Insurance Open Enrollment is almost here!

Open Enrollment for health insurance starts on November 1. Sign up to learn more about health plans through Freelancers Union.

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What if the thing you are most afraid of doing is the thing you are supposed to do?

Great things are possible when you don't allow your fears to overwhelm you.