Money & Taxes

The definitive guide to freelance payment terms

Understand these freelance payment terms to help make sure you get paid on time, every time.

Clients & Gigs

Why Facebook Groups should be an important element of your social strategy

Especially with changes to the Facebook newsfeed, Facebook Groups should be a part of every freelancer's social media strategy.

Clients & Gigs Advocacy

It’s not just a Hollywood problem: Freelancers and sexual harassment

Unfortunately there is no clear, uniform pathway for addressing workplace sexual harassment for freelancers.

Money & Taxes

Getting a mortgage as a freelancer: 5 tips for hassle-free home-buying

It’s not impossible to get a mortgage as a freelancer, but there are a few extra hoops you might have to jump through to get there.

Clients & Gigs Money & Taxes

5 tips for securing financial stability as a freelancer

Being independent doesn’t have to mean giving up financial security. Set up recurring payments and invest in business development to keep income flowing.

Health Advocacy

What freelancers on a COBRA need to know about health insurance

Have health insurance through a former employer? Here are some things to keep in mind.

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Think B2B and B2C marketing doesn’t matter for freelancers? Think again

Even if you only freelance on the side, you still can benefit from content marketing.

Health Advocacy

How to make sure your union gets credit for your health insurance

Support advocacy like “Freelance Isn’t Free” at no additional cost to you.

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Get accountable (so you don’t feel like a slacker)

Accountability will pay off immensely for your freelance business.

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7 habits of successful freelance writers

Successful freelance writers have these things in common.

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Work from home? Develop these habits

Here are some “hacks" to efficiently and effectively work from home.

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How a stay-at-home dad found success as a freelancer

Nate has figured out how to work on projects that are purposeful and profitable without compromising his family life.

Health Advocacy

Got health insurance questions? Join us for a webinar on 11/8

Join us for a health insurance webinar to learn how to evaluate what type of plan you need.


Freelancers salute their furry coworkers with adorable photos

Freelancers share photos of their favorite freelance friends.

Clients & Gigs

5 steps to successfully pitch an idea to your dream client

Here are 5 ways you can dramatically increase your chances of successfully pitching an idea to your dream client.

Health Advocacy Sara's dispatches

Buying health insurance doesn’t have to suck

Buy health insurance from Freelancers Union -- we have your back.

Creativity Clients & Gigs

How one freelancer balances passion and job security

An interview with photographer Celeste Noche on the importance of community and navigating the challenges of the freelance life.

Clients & Gigs

The grieving freelancer: a lesson from a typo and my dog’s death

What a typo and a dog's passing can teach us about letting go of mistakes.

Money & Taxes

Answers to tax questions every freelancer needs to know

Answers to some frequently asked questions about freelancing and taxes.

Creativity Clients & Gigs

3 tips for creating compelling content

Content generation can be one of the most difficult things about freelance blogging. Here's how to come up with compelling ideas.