New York’s Paid Family Leave Law: What freelancers need to know

New York passed an exciting paid family leave law, but you need to opt in before January 1.

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How to engage your audience

It's crucial to inspire your audience to comment, respond to, and repost your blog entries.

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On the importance of “failing better”

Getting past failure and mistakes is the only way to gain mastery at any subject or profession, including life itself.

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4 great ways to manage your time

There are apps, devices, and techniques that you can use to improve your time management skills.

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Freelancing over the holidays? A simple guide to maintaining your sanity

The holidays can be a challenging time for freelancers. Here's how to avoid adding additional pressure.

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Time is running out to get health insurance. Help spread the word

Open Enrollment for health insurance is ending soon. Here's what you and your fellow freelancers need to know.

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Net-30 is the Voldemort of freelance payment terms

You are not a bank, do not work on credit.

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8 ways freelancers can stand out from competitors and get more clients

Standing out from the crowd is a must when it comes to creating an advantage for yourself.

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How to build a product team

To create a great product, it's important to assemble a great team.

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Can co-working with virtual strangers enhance your freelancing business?

Collaborating with strangers can add value to your business and increase the types of services that you offer.

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How to earn a client's trust

There are many ways that you can earn a potential client’s trust even before meeting with them.

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Why freelancers shouldn’t avoid micro projects

Seemingly unprofitable jobs can actually offer tremendous value.

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A freelancer’s guide to surviving the holidays without going broke

It is possible for freelancers to have a fruitful end-of-year, keeping both your spirits (and your wallets) lifted.

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10 lessons from 10 years of freelancing

I hope these lessons will encourage those who are thinking about starting their own thing, are new to freelancing, or have faced some common struggles.

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What a brand storyteller does

Think of stories as a series of choices made through the filter of the storyteller's experience and craft.

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What freelancers need to know about the new tax bills

The House and Senate tax bills could have a major impact on freelancers’ finances.

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Are you undercharging? How to price your freelance writing gigs

Whether you use one pricing method or a combination, make sure you are fairly compensated and transparent with your clients.

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Care to make it interesting?

Once I finally realized that the uncertainty never goes away, the daily ups and downs are a lot of what keeps life interesting.

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7 people every freelancer should know

These key relationships enhance any freelance business.

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529 plans: They’re not just for kids!

You don’t need to be a parent or grandparent to reap the benefits of a 529 plan.