Freelance Isn’t Free helped this freelancer break a creative agency’s cycle of chronic nonpayment

How a Manhattan creative agency with a history of nonpayment learned that Freelance Isn't Free.


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Money & Taxes

The Freelancers Union 2019 tax guide

We’ve put together everything freelancers need to know about 2019 taxes, from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s (tax reform) impact on deductions, and key filing dates, to how to handle W-2s and supplemental income.


Etsy employees call for health insurance for sellers, standardized benefits, more transparency

Etsy employees have started a petition on asking the Board of Directors to clarify key company policies.


WeWork announces the Creator Awards

WeWork is launching the Creator Awards—a new, global initiative to recognize and reward the creators of the world. Debuting on March 28 in Washington, D.C., the Creator Awards…