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Sep 03, 2021

The latest fight for freelancer rights is happening right now

Freelancers must be protected from late payment and wage theft. Los Angeles is about to step up and do its part.

Aug 25, 2021

We're demystifying the LLC process with ZenBusiness

We're proud to announce a new partnership with ZenBusiness to help freelancers navigate the LLC process with confidence.

Jul 16, 2021

Your summer fun could affect next year's tax return

These common summer activities could have an unexpected effect on your taxes.

Jul 14, 2021

Our first-ever artist search starts now

Freelancers Union is seeking artists to highlight on our blog, with a chance to receive $2,000 and an NYC gallery show.

Jun 23, 2021

A better tax season starts with good records

Keeping close track of your income and expenses over the course of the year will make tax time a lot less painful.