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Find your purpose in re-purposing

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Do you like saving time and energy while still creating opportunities to earn a profit? Of course you do, who wouldn’t?

Does this idea sound crazy? Maybe to some, but for those who are familiar with the power of repurposing your content this is a game changer.

Once you see that you can continue to reuse your existing content into something fresh all while using minimal effort and making a few bucks off of it too, my question is, why wouldn’t you start today?

Even if you aren’t aware or know what repurposing is, that is okay too. Repurposing is essentially turning your old content into something new that you can continue to share with your audience again and again.

If you decide to read on, you’ll see the many ways on how you can repurpose your existing content into something fresh. This blog post may also help you earn some extra cash for your business, which can never be a bad thing.

Turn Existing Content Into Profit

There are a lot of opportunities to repurpose your existing content no matter what your career is. When done correctly, you can even repurpose your content into something that you can sell to your new and current audience.

For example, say you are a writer and create blog posts for your audience. If you have your niche and write about one industry in your field then you can turn your current blog posts into a guide that you can profit off of. You’ll need to make sure that all of your content is updated of course, but now you will be able to leverage a new piece of content (the guide) all from your existing blog posts that you have written about in that field.

It’ll take some time for you to go through your content and to put it all together, but you’ll have most if not all of the content already ready to go and now you can sell your guide over and over again without putting in that much additional effort.

Even if you are not a writer, there are ways for you to repurpose your content into profit. If you are a designer or photographer you can turn your unused designs or photographs and create stock logos, icons, or photos and sell them.

If you design websites, you can create themes from your previous work and sell them as well. There are a ton of ways to reuse your existing content and turn it into something that you can start to sell.

I’m not saying that for everyone you will start seeing huge increases in your monthly profits, but it could very well turn into an extra income stream that you currently weren’t utilizing before repurposing. Remember, $1 is better than $0 always.

Saving Time

Beyond just looking through your existing content to sell, you can also repurpose your time. For example, I design websites and every time that I start a new project with a client I make them send the required assets and documents over for me to start. Instead of creating new documents and requests that I need to have the client send, I just repurpose the existing ones that I use now so that I don’t have to spend time recreating brand new documents to send for every new project.

This not only makes me more efficient in my workflow, but it saves me a lot of time. I now have a system in place where when I onboard a new client, I have all of the required documents that I need for them to fill out all ready to go.

Another example where this works really well is for website maintenance. After I complete a project for a client, I might get a couple emails or requests on how to change an image, add some text, etc. Instead of taking a lot of time to respond to the email directly, I send them a link to a blog post that I have written or another designer has written that explains the steps that they need to follow.

It not only saves me a bunch of time, but it also helps put my name and brand out there for when potential clients are searching for a solution to their problem and they come across a post that I have written that can solve it for them. This often converts the readers into clients and helps me stand out from the rest.

Figuring Out How To Repurpose Your Work

If you are sitting at your computer and see that you have unused photographs, blog content, designs, you can start turning this into content that will allow you to make money, save time, and even both.

Initially, like I stated in the section above, this does take time to compile and go through all of your existing content. But, it is always worth your time spent doing that since in the long run it has the potential to earn more of an income for your business, and also can save you time in the future for having to put together a similar piece of content.

Even if you don’t have unused or any content on your computer, I bet that you have emails saved from previous clients in which you can turn your written content into blog posts or materials in which you can sell on your website.

For every client project that you have worked on, there is some unused content that you can repurpose for yourself. When you repurpose your content you create something useful and reusable that can lead to more income and time to focus on what you want in your business.

The next time that you are brainstorming your next piece of content that you want to write on your blog or looking for an extra income stream, start looking at repurposing. You already have the content somewhere, now it’s time to turn it into something new to help grow your business.

Max Pete aka One Hand Wonder Man is a freelance website designer and digital marketer. Max Pete also specializes in social media management, email marketing, content creation, and paid advertising. You can check out his work and get in touch with him via his portfolio