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Invest in your brand

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One of the most important business lessons I have learned this year is don't be cheap when it comes to your brand. Make sure you regulary carve out time every day and week to spend on your branding, and don't be quick to blow your paycheck without investing some of it back into your business.

The plain and simple truth is, don't expect for your brand and business to grow without investing money and time into it. One of the last places a lot of freelancers and business owners think about spending their time and money is back into their own brand, and this is why that mindset needs to change.

First Impressions are everything

First impressions really should never be taken lightly. Before a potential client is going to speak with you, they're going to research your website and social media channels. It is super important to have a very easy to navigate website with all the necessary information that a potential client would need to find. It also needs to be modern looking, especially If you're a web designer. If your website looks old, has broken links, and isn't updated, why would a client want to hire you to fix their website?

The same goes for social media. The main way potential clients will get a feel for how you represent yourself is through your social media channels. Are you posting relevant information that highlights your expertise in your field? How frequently are you posting? Are your banners and profile pictures updated on all of your platforms? Do you have decent engagement? All of these things come into play when a client is looking you up and deciding to work with you or not.

Take On Better Clients

Want to work with more high-end clients? Then it is time to start polishing your branding. Start researching the type of client base that you want to attract, and define your messaging to align with their needs. Show your potential clients why they need to work with you in order to achieve their business goals.

This will create better opportunities for your brand because potential clients will look to you as a leader and will be better able to connect with you because you will be the answer that they have been looking for.

Invest That Paycheck

Putting some of each paycheck back into your business needs to happen for growth. This is especially hard during slow periods and when a lot of expenses need to be taken care of, but trust me, don't skip out on putting money back into your business. What do I mean when I say invest money in your brand? I mean, ordering business cards for networking, going to conferences to meet potential clients, paying for your website development if you don't know how to design one, pay for social media marketing help if you need it, running ads to create leads, renting out an office space if needed, etc. You get the picture, a business costs money and if you're not willing to invest your money back into it, then it won't last.

Strong Branding Sets Expectations

If your branding is consistent and and clear, your clients will know what to expect every time they work with you. A strong brand appearance will build trust and credibility, which is needed as potential clients want to work with a business that appears legitimate. Your branding represents what you can offer for a potential client.

Great Branding Doesn't Happen Overnight

Branding takes time. Don't expect to be number one in your industry after only putting a few hours into your branding. This is an ongoing process and it is a lot of work, but if you want to take the next steps with growth, then you must put the time into working on your own brand.

Max Pete aka One Hand Wonder Man is a freelance website designer and digital marketer. Max Pete also specializes in social media management, email marketing, content creation, and paid advertising. You can check out and get in touch via his portfolio