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More Links than a Debutante's Charm Bracelet

Maybe because of the back-to-school feeling in the air, it was an especially good week for blogging about freelance ideas, trends, inspiration and strategies. Michelle Goodman of the Anti-9-to-5 Guide has six good tips for newbie freelancers on things like networking and time management, and she pointed me to 10 years of freelancing tips (for writers) and 101 reasons freelancers do it better from the blog HRWorld. #34, 37, and 40 are especially important to me. And yes, there's more! How to be a Freelance Temp; The importance of written contracts; Top 5 non-technical skills for freelancers; and the New York Times reports on the decline of one independent job that has been a good choice for the past few years: real estate agents (slowing housing market=fewer opportunities.)

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