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Sara Horowitz, founder of Freelancers Union

In 1995, Sara Horowtiz, having recognized in the decline of traditional labor unions a shift in the workforce, was looking for the “next form of unionism.â€? It turned out she had to invent it. She founded Working Today, the parent organization of Freelancers Union, where she continues to serve as Executive Director.

Sara Horowitz (red)

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Sara comes from a long line of labor advocates. Her father was a labor lawyer, and her grandfather was vice president of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union. Sara’s family history led her to Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, where she was awarded its labor prize. She later earned a law degree cum laude from the SUNY Buffalo Law School and a master's degree from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Before founding Freelancers Union, Sara was a labor attorney in private practice and a union organizer with 1199, the National Health and Human Service Employees Union. Before that, she was a public defender in New York City. Sara remains passionate about helping independent workers find ways to help each other, and looks to the history of the labor movement for lessons that we can apply today. She’ll be authoring a series of blog entries on lessons from labor history, in the hope that others will find figures such as Sidney Hillman as inspiring as she has. Sara Horowitz lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

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