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I am a professional enthusiast and creative instigator. From grassroots to broadcast, my passion lies in content driven experiences that create meaningful connections between people.
Sep 19, 2016

5 reasons to share your work-in-progress

It is easy to fall prey to the conviction that we can't share our work until it's polished and ready for a formal unveiling. We feel like we need to…

Aug 26, 2016

How to overcome loneliness as a freelancer

One of the often overlooked facts of freelance life is that it’s a solitary pursuit. Even if our work requires contact with many people, we're still solo acts at…

Jun 30, 2016

Take an alterna-cation: Cheap, inspiring vacation ideas for creative freelancers

When you are living la vida freelance, summers can come and go without even a hint of a vacation. Taking intentional time off from your day-to-day affairs could be the…

Jun 20, 2016

Is reciprocal giving the secret to creative wealth?

As a kid, all of the superhero situations that interested me were similar: Batman and The Outsiders, The X-Men, Super Friends – unique individuals with differentiated powers who relied on each…

Jun 13, 2016

How to Beyoncé our worst experiences into our greatest successes

Thankfully, today we only need to look as far as our reigning queen of pop, Beyoncé, for help in dealing with a big ol’ sack of lemons. More than just…