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May 24, 2023

What to do instead of paying for an emergency without insurance

When medical needs are not planned, even the most basic care costs a lot here. And when you don’t have health coverage, those “everyday” events can really add up fast. That’s why MetroPlusHealth has many low or no-cost health plans, so everyone can stay covered.…

May 4, 2023

How to Relieve a Stress Headache

Stress headaches can be debilitating in the moment, but you don’t have to suffer indefinitely. Here, experts break down how to relieve a stress headache and how to help prevent one from happening in the first place.…

Apr 6, 2023

How Does Stress Affect the Body?

Figuring out how stress affects your body can be a challenge, because the answer can depend on how stressed out you are, and for how long.…

Mar 6, 2023

Reduce Your Risk for Low Back Pain

Lifting heavy objects is not the only thing that can cause back pain. Many other factors may contribute to low back pain. Some risks you can't control, such as your age and family health history.…

Feb 9, 2023

Can Optimism Make a Difference in Your Life?

Do you see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty? If so, your good attitude may have even more benefits than you think. A growing number of scientific studies suggest optimistic people tend to live longer and have better physical and mental health than pessimistic people.…