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In today's sea of high prices, a lifeboat.

Freelancers, you can still get health care for no or low cost.  This post is provided by our partner, MetroPlusHealth. Find affordable health plans for New Yorkers of all ages from MetroPlusHealth.

Who hasn't noticed prices have gone up? For nearly everything. New York City has a higher cost of living to begin with. We pay more than most Americans for basics like lodging and food. The must-haves. Add rising prices and you can soon feel in over your head. 

But health care is also a must-have. You now have an opportunity to keep costs down. There is now a $0 Essential plan for those who qualify. With the new rules, more people do. The American Rescue Plan has new tax credits and cost breaks. You could pay less each month for coverage. More freelancers and their families can now save. 

In fact, many of our plans cost less than your monthly cell phone bill. 

And, MetroPlusHealth plans support you in lots of ways. Like children and family assistance. A full-service pharmacy. We can even guide your care when you need more help.

Once onboard, we have creative ways to help you live healthier. That includes paying you up to $400 a year to go to the gym. And letting you earn points for things like making and keeping your doctor visits. Or taking enough steps each day. Use your points to choose a gift for you or your family from our catalog. Living healthier is easy with goals to get you there.

So don't skimp on health care just because prices are going up. Take hold of a lifeline. Quality, low-cost health plans from MetroPlusHealth. 

To renew your coverage or see if you qualify for help, click here.

MetroPlusHealth Since 1985, MetroPlusHealth has helped New Yorkers find good healthcare at low cost. Call 1-855-809-4073 or visit our health insurance page to find affordable plans for freelancers.

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