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529 plans: They’re not just for kids!

You don’t need to be a parent or grandparent to reap the benefits of a 529 plan.

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Answers to tax questions every freelancer needs to know

Answers to some frequently asked questions about freelancing and taxes.

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Looking for a new gig? Look for new tax deductions too

If you are looking for a new job, lighten your tax burden with tax deductions designed to mitigate the costs of job-seeking.

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Expanding your team? Use this checklist to prepare for expanding expenses

Hiring your first employee? This checklist can help you be fully prepared for the financial obligations that come with expanding your team.

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How to claim your share of $12 Billion in R&D tax credits

The government recently expanded its list of eligible industries for R&D credits, which means more freelancers can benefit.

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What the President’s tax plan could mean for your freelance business

Changes in the tax code could alter how much you pay Uncle Sam every year. Here's what you need to know now.

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Living and working abroad? Here’s what you need to know about filing your freelance taxes

Freelancing outside of the United States can be a wonderful experience but it is essential to know your tax obligations.

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How a “marathon” mindset can help lower your freelance tax bill

Freelancers who have a “marathon” mindset tend to have the fittest and most successful businesses—and lower tax bills.

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The final countdown: Tax deadlines you need to know now!

Now that we’re past the midpoint of March and most NCAA fans have their brackets selected, it’s time to face the looming tax deadlines ahead of you. “The…

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Updates to the 2017 Tax Code

Every year the tax code changes and for 2017, there are a number of important updates that may affect you and your freelance business. To help you get a handle…

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Struggling to pay your taxes? Take these three steps now

Tax season is here and you may be stressing a little, especially if you haven’t been making regular estimated tax payments on your business profits. If this is the…

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Watch out for this hidden 2017 tax increase

Perhaps you’ve heard from the older folks you know that the government is feeling generous when it comes to Social Security recipients this year—giving them a whopping 0.…

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Going Rogue: How to tell if you’re ready to start full-time freelancing in 2017

If you keep thinking that “now’s the time” to give up your day job and follow your freelance dream on a full-time basis, it’s definitely worth giving these…

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Heads Up! Tax deadlines are changing in 2017

Do you remember what you were doing on July 31, 2015? It’s very likely that you don’t. So it’s even more likely that you don’t remember…

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Start spreading the news: NY expands tax credit for musical productions

New York City has long been recognized as the epicenter for American musical productions, however, legislators recently passed a bill to support the growth of this industry in other parts…

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Estimated Taxes on autopilot or not even airborne? Take control before September 15

The next estimated tax deadline is coming up in short order on September 15. If you’re one of the many freelancers who tend to put estimated tax payments on…

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How to combine business and pleasure for a tax break

Summer. It’s the perfect time to get away from it all for a few days, or preferably, longer. Of course, when you’re running a freelance business, it’s…

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It’s summertime and the billing is NOT easy—5 tips to avoid a cash flow crunch

Summer — it’s a great time to take a vacation and let things slow down a little on the work front. At least that’s what your clients are thinking.…

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Blew Off the Tax Filing Deadline? Get Back on Track with These Tips

It’s an uncomfortable (and inconvenient)truth… more people than you’d think fail to file their taxes by the April “Tax Day” deadline. If you’re one of them,…

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4 ways to put your tax refund to work

Like many freelancers, you may be waiting with bated breath for this year’s tax refund, with visions of what you’ll buy or do with the “found” money. After…