In praise of boredom

Constant distraction is no way to grow.


3 steps to developing creative resilience

True grit will keep you thriving.


What my first writing rejection taught me

A portrait of the artist as a young poet.

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Why quality should matter most

Supporting quality content is a virtuous cycle.

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On the mysteries of talent

Talented people sometimes think they don't need to work hard. They are wrong. Hard workers might think they don't have talent. They’re also wrong.

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6 rules for freelancing happiness

Accepting the messiness and the constant struggles of the creative life is part of what it takes to be happy.

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On the importance of “failing better”

Getting past failure and mistakes is the only way to gain mastery at any subject or profession, including life itself.

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What a brand storyteller does

Think of stories as a series of choices made through the filter of the storyteller's experience and craft.

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7 habits of successful freelance writers

Successful freelance writers have these things in common.

Money & Taxes

4 tips for chasing payment

Chasing payment is a key survival skill for freelancers. Here are some tips.

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On editors, good, bad and otherwise

A good editor knows what tone they want and can help the writer get there.