How to overcome a fear of missing out

FOMO can be an unhealthy timesuck that affects both personal and professional development and in some cases leads to further anxiety issues.


12 ways you crush freelancing like the boss that you are

Ways you crush freelancing like the boss that you are.


Maker Movement on the rise and having positive economic impacts

The emergence of micro-businesses are characteristic of a changing economy.


Lucid dreamers may be better problem solvers, study shows

Participants who self-reported as having frequent lucid dreams solved 25% more of the puzzles than those who had none.

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How to avoid lots of (unpaid) revisions

One of ways that freelancers have their time, energy, and patience taken advantage of is by not having a proper revision provision in each contract.


Happy (freelance) Labor Day!

Independent workers are the new face of labor in America -- let’s celebrate it!


Stop worrying, let things happen, and be the boss

Any amount of time spent in an unhealthy cycle of worry and anxiety can have a negative impact on our productivity, health, and overall well being.


Organize your home office and MakeSpace everywhere else!

MakeSpace is a great service for people in the middle, who need a little extra breathing room at home, but doesn't necessarily need an entire storage space.


6 air-filtering houseplants that make you breathe easier

Fill your home and home office with the very best in houseplant air-filtration.


Office ergonomics 101

Ergonomic guidelines for your workspace.

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How to procrastinate productively

Productive procrastination may seem like a paradoxical phrase, however, it is real, it is great, and you probably already do it without even realizing it.


Take a hike! (to improve your health, sleep, and creativity)

You can lower your stress, boost your creativity, improve your work performance, and get a better night’s sleep all from just going outside.

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Know your (copy)rights

The most important thing about publishing and copyright law in general, is to be informed and read your contract carefully.


The strange sleep habits of 6 brilliant people

Genius and weird sleep habits often go hand-in-hand.


America's coolest indie bookstores and cafés

Three cheers for the independent booksellers and coffee slingers of these United States of America.


Why cherries help you sleep

Cherries may be a better natural alternative for boosting the body's supply of melatonin.


Downsize your home, upsize your independence

The American Dream is not just about your salary and your job title, it’s about creating a life of independence, flexibility, and doing what you love.


8 tips to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper

Quality sleep is just as important to a healthy and happy body as good food and regular exercise.