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Calling all NYC artists and art lovers

A Hive for artist events in New York City


Zen and the art of riding the wave

I’ll admit it, I often find myself trapped in a glass case of emotion. I am a passionate person, and sometimes that passion can somehow manifest itself into emotional…

Clients & Gigs

5 stages of unresponsive clients

Dealing with unresponsive clients

Clients & Gigs

Tips for practical wanderlust

One of the great things about being a freelancer is you can (usually) work from the road. You aren’t tethered to a desk, or to any one place. Our…


A Hive for health and wellness

Featured Heath and Wellness Hive


5 natural remedies for battling the common cold

Tried and true natural remedies for the common cold.

Clients & Gigs

Use the 45/15 rule for productive procrastination

Combat those tedious work blues by dividing your hour into 45 minutes of creative work, and 15 minutes for your less fun to-dos.


Happy little trees make for happy little people, studies find

The greener the surroundings, the happier the person.

Money & Taxes

How to get paid on time, most of the time

Technology for making it easier to get your invoices paid, and for managing cash flow.

Clients & Gigs

How do you get your day started?

Having folks who understand the hustle and can offer solid feedback -- as well as share tips, tricks, and even gigs -- is one of the many benefits of Hives, our new online community.


Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Impostor Syndrome is the feeling that you are not competent, successful, or worthy of your achievements, and that they all can be attributed to luck.

Clients & Gigs

Are you a freelancer writer or editor?

This Hive features everything from local meetups to online resources to gigs for those in the writing industry.