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Join Us This Freelance Isn't Free Month to Secure Better Protection for Freelancers Nationwide

As freelancers, our flexibility and independence are what set us apart. However, these benefits should not come at the cost of our financial security and rights. That's why this May, Freelance Isn't Free Month, we're rallying our community and supporters to urge lawmakers to expand the Freelance Isn't Free Act across the country, ensuring every freelancer receives the fundamental protections they deserve.

What is Freelance Isn't Free?

The Freelance Isn't Free Act is a groundbreaking piece of legislation designed to protect freelance workers from non-payment. Enforced by the respective State or City labor department, the act provides freelancers the right to a written contract, ensures prompt payment within 30 days of completing work, and entitles freelancers to double damages for non-payment. In regions where this legislation has been enacted, it has proven essential in safeguarding freelancers' rights.

Why We Need Your Voice

The Freelancers Union has been at the forefront, advocating tirelessly for these protections to be recognized nationwide. This month, we’re focusing our efforts on regions that have yet to adopt these necessary measures. With your help, we can make a significant impact.

How Can You Help?

1. Send a Personalized Letter or Email: Use our template to send an email to your legislator in support of Freelance Isn’t Free. There is additional space for you to add a personal story if you’ve been affected by non-payment. This personal touch can make a big difference in how legislators perceive the urgency of these protections.

2. Contact Your Representative: Enter your address here to find out who your local representatives are. Click “Contact” to get information on how to send a message urging your representative to support Freelance Isn’t Free and other major freelance issues.

Join the Movement

This Freelance Isn't Free Month, let’s band together to ensure all freelancers can work with the security they need to thrive. Your voice is powerful — let it be heard. Together, we can push for change and ensure freelancers everywhere receive the respect and protection they rightfully deserve.

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