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First-Ever Photo Hub: Giving Access to State-of-the-Art Equipment and Studio Space for Freelancers

Freelancers Union joins American Society of Media Photographers and MPB to Launch the Photo Hub, a State-of-the-art Studio and Equipment Facility for Photographers.

Brooklyn, NY - The barriers to entry for aspiring photographers just got a whole lot lower, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership between the Freelancers Union, the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) New York, and MPB, the largest global platform to buy, sell and trade used photo and video gear. In a move to democratize access to high-quality photography equipment and studio space, the collaborative effort introduces the Photo Hub at the Freelancers Hub, nestled in Industry City, Brooklyn.

Embarking on a career in photography often comes with a daunting price tag, where the cost of a decent camera alone can easily exceed $600, not to mention the additional expenses for studio lighting, lenses, backdrops, and more. Addressing this access and equity challenge, the Photo Hub emerges as a beacon of affordability and convenience, offering an extensive suite of photography equipment at the fingertips of creatives.

"We're thrilled to have partnered with ASMP and MPB to provide our members with a gateway to refine their photography skills and unleash their creative potential," said Executive Director Rafael Espinal. "The Photo Hub represents an inclusive space where photographers of all levels can access top-notch equipment and professional studio facilities to bring their visions to life."

“ASMP's Mission is to empower visual content creators. Photography is a competitive and expensive industry and creatives entering the space face many hurdles including money and access. With access to this studio and gear we hope that members will have one less roadblock to bringing their creative vision to life,” said Liam Alexander ASMP NY Chapter President.

“We are so excited to help make Photo Hub a reality," said MPB's Vice President of Marketing Tammy Oler. "MPB is committed to making camera gear more accessible and affordable for everyone, and we believe that collaborations like this are vital to recognizing and removing barriers to inclusive storytelling. We can’t wait to see the work photographers are going to create using Photo Hub.”

“Tenant collaborations like this are core to the Industry City story,” said Jeff Fein, Senior Vice President of Leasing at Industry City. “When two IC business owners meet over coffee or at a mixer on campus, it tends to spark something great, and you end up with an idea like the Photo Hub. This project will open doors for newcomers to their industry, create value for their members, and hopefully grow the creative community here at IC.” 

The Photo Hub, situated within the Freelancers Hub, presents an invaluable opportunity for ASMP NY and Freelancers Union members to rent the studio space for diverse photoshoots encompassing fashion, headshots, product photography, and beyond. Notably, ASMP members gain exclusive access to the studio space free of charge (by requesting their unique booking code via email), while Freelancers Union members can avail themselves of the space at a discounted rate of $60/hour, inclusive of comprehensive access to all Photo Hub equipment.

Location, location, location. Industry City is a mecca for creative opportunities as both major organizations are headquartered there. Freelancers’ Union is located in Industry City’s Building 1, a 4,500 square-foot co-working and arts space. MPB is a tenant in Industry City’s Building 7 with a 35,000-square-foot office and warehouse. 

For more information and to explore the Photo Hub's offerings, please visit

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MPB transforms the way people buy, sell and trade used photo and video gear. As the largest global platform for used photography and videography equipment, MPB is a destination for everyone, whether you’ve just discovered your passion for visual storytelling or you’re already a pro. 

Founded by Matt Barker in 2011, MPB has always been committed to making gear more accessible and affordable, and building a more sustainable future. MPB recirculates nearly half a million used products every year, extending the life and creative potential of photo and video equipment for creators around the world.

Headquartered in the creative communities of Brooklyn, Brighton and Berlin, the MPB team includes trained camera experts and seasoned photographers and videographers who bring their passion to work every day to deliver outstanding service.

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