Many health plans hide costs in plain sight.

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Most plans cover preventive care. This is healthcare that makes sure you get the right screenings and shots to keep you healthy. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. And typically, you won’t have a copay. That’s great.

But what if you have an ongoing problem, like back pain? You’re probably going to have a copay for each visit. For most plans, ten weeks of physical therapy could cost you $200 in copays. Feeling stressed, and need a few sessions of counseling? That’s $60. Or what if something unexpected happens, like a fall? An ER visit plus an x-ray could cost you $170. Add a couple of follow-up visits ($30), and your total is $460. For the average paraprofessional earning $41,000 a year, that’s nearly a week’s pay.  

You can keep that paycheck and take care of your health with MetroPlusHealth. We believe New Yorkers deserve quality care, at little to no cost. With our basic plan you have no deductibles, coinsurance or premiums. And you have no copays for many common services. 

MetroPlusHealth has offered low-cost, quality health care for more than 30 years. We are over 700,000 members strong. And like you, we’re New Yorkers serving New Yorkers. Check us out. 

MetroPlusHealth Gold: the only plan with a $0 copay

No copays for:

  • Doctor’s visits
  • Mental health care (unlimited visits)
  • Dietician care 
  • Telehealth (unlimited visits) 

You get a large network offering a wide choice of quality care

The MetroPlusHealth network includes:

  • 34,000+ of the City’s top doctors and mental health experts
  • 40+ hospitals including NYU Langone, Mount Sinai, and NYC Health + Hospitals
  • 110+ urgent care sites including CityMD locations

Plus extras 

Enjoy extras like:

  • Money back for rides to the doctor 
  • Up to $1,000 to work out

Find out how to sign up for MetroPlusHealth Gold today

Open Enrollment is November 1–31. Learn more about how you can save on quality healthcare with MetroPlusHealth Gold:

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