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Introducing the Freelancer's Creative Lounge & Tech Bar

This month we are introducing the Freelancer's Creative Lounge & Tech Bar at the Freelancers Hub in Industry City. As a freelancer, you are a specialist in your field with your own unique approach and way of working. This freedom can allow you to win clients and projects that would be unfathomable if you were under the restrictions of a traditional company. But with that power comes the responsibility of caring for your own daily workflows, client journey, content creation, IT, marketing...the list goes on and on.

One element that unifies all of us in the freelance community is the constant of technology. Whether or not you realize it, as an independent business owner in 2023, you are partially a tech company if you provide resources and experiences using digital tools. This should be exciting and not daunting! But often, we struggle to assemble and manage the proper digital tools that enable us to create memorable experiences for our clients.

That's why we created the Creative Lounge to provide a steady stream of education and resources to help you discover the delight of digital tools and techniques that are handpicked for freelancers and small teams. Our dynamic, hands-on education series will inspire you to leapfrog in your daily tech habits, communication and collaboration. You can embrace your creativity and learn how to produce a podcast or launch a membership community. Or finally begin a digital makeover of your business processes that you've been promising yourself for a while now. Conquer email, design a client dashboard, organize your professional relationships and more! Explore all of the sessions here.

As we emerge from the past few years into a new hybrid world — you owe it to yourself to learn what it looks like to have a calm, balanced relationship with your technology and embrace creativity as you share your unique skills and services. So come by the Lounge and discover a thing or two that might just transform how you freelance!

Josiah Forgath Josiah mentors individuals, freelancers and teams to creatively simplify and shape their digital environments. He believes that calm tech leads to resounding productivity and fulfilling collaboration.

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