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6 books freelancers should read on vacation

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All the reading time is my favorite part of vacations, especially beach vacations. Nothing is more enjoyable than the sense of having nothing to do, nowhere to go, or any actual obligations. Merely relax in the sunshine while immersing yourself in a good book, preferably while holding a tropical beverage. Here we are with three books on freelancing and three fictional novels that are all ideal for your next beach trip!

Books on Freelancing:

1. The Freelancer’s Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams—On Your Terms by Sara Horowitz

The Freelancer's Bible, written by the Freelancers Union's founder, is a thorough guide on establishing and operating a freelancing business. Sara Horowitz shows novice freelancers the ropes in this book, covering how to select health insurance, arrange office space, find and keep clients, fire clients, determine rates, draft contracts, bargain skillfully, and more.

2. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

Your productivity determines whether your independent business succeeds or fails. However, being under a lot of stress will hinder your capacity for productivity. David Allen offers insightful advice on organizing and increasing personal productivity in his book Getting Things Done.

The book includes a tactical system to assist business owners in streamlining their work and completing tasks with the least amount of stress. Although Allen knows that no one productivity strategy works for everyone, his approach may be adjusted to meet individual requirements.

3. Freelance To Freedom by Vincent Pugliese

As photojournalists for a newspaper, Vincent and his wife made $30000 a year. They realized they couldn't maintain their way of life for very long with their expanding family.

This book tells the tale of how they built a side business photography weddings on the weekends, which allowed them to pay off more than $100,000 in debt in just three years.

Now that they have both quit their careers, they travel frequently with their four children.

Best Beach Reads of 2022 to Help You Escape:

4. The One Woman By Laura May

Julie, a graphic artist, is the main character of Laura May's first LGBTQ romance book. Julie's life and her relationship with her partner Mark are routine in every way. That is until she meets Ann. Ann is a kind and sensitive woman who works as a web developer. Julie's feelings for Ann are undeniable. The flame is genuine as their history and presents reunite in Barcelona. Julie must choose between her love for Ann and her devotion to Mark when disaster hits. Will the passage of time fracture true love? You'll discover it in The One Woman.

5. What Time is Love? by Holly Williams

How do you tell if something is meant to be? If you're in a new relationship, Holly Williams' debut novel might just help you find the solution. The book imagines what may occur if a single pair met in 1947, 1967, and 1987, respectively. Violet and Albert are always 20 years old when they first meet, but their circumstances and the changing times they are experiencing have an impact on how they fall in love. Throughout the decades and between them, the narrative shows how Violet and Albert deal with variations in class, gender, privilege, and opportunity. If you met your significant other in a different century, would you still fall in love?

6. Lucie Yi Is Not A Romantic by Lauren Ho

A funny tale about enjoying your life first and putting other people's expectations second. Finding Mr. Right is a fallacy, according to Lucie Yi, and finding Mr. Right-enough-to-have-children-with is your best bet. It so feels like she has found her own kind of happily ever after when she meets laid-back Collin on a platonic co-parenting website. Lucie must determine how much she's ready to give up when they return to Singapore, where her traditional family and ex-fiancee are waiting for them.

What book do you plan to take with you on vacation this summer?

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