Going to the gym would be easier if there was money in it. Now, there is.

Feb 7, 2022

(Art Credit: Andrea Hernandez)

This post is sponsored by our partner MetroPlusHealth.

Earn up to $500 to work out and $275 for healthy habits each year.

Of all the people who make New Year's resolutions, only 19% stick with them.* And, it's not like they stop trying in May. They give up before the end of January. That's less than a month.

At MetroPlusHealth, we'd like to help boost that number. By paying you to go to the gym. You read that right: paying you to work out. Making the gym a habit means you get all of its health pluses:

  • mood booster
  • muscle builder
  • sleep helper
  • sickness reducer
  • brain strengthener
  • calorie torcher, and more

It's also a great place to burn off all of life's worries. This year, you can do it! And we can help you make it stick.

Choose a MetroPlusHealth plan, and you can earn hundreds when you join a gym:

  • Essential Plan members get paid $400 per year to work out
  • Marketplace / QHP Plan members get paid $500 per year to work out

Even better, we have a robust rewards program. You can earn points toward gifts just for making time for self-care. Going to the dentist? You just logged 100 points! Getting your flu shot? Boom, another 50 points! All the points let you choose from a catalog of gifts. You will find sports gear, kitchen gadgets, and art kits. There is something for your whole family!

Start earning cash for workouts today with our gym payments. And score reward points for healthy habits. Together, we'll kick off the new year in good health. And we'll keep it going strong.

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*Psychology Today, This is why most New Year's resolutions fail, Dec. 31, 2019


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