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Getting rewarded for healthy living is simple with MetroPlusHealth

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This post is provided by our partner, MetroPlusHealth. Find affordable health plans for New Yorkers of all ages from MetroPlusHealth.

As a freelancer, you know the drill of “you do the work, we pay you.” But sometimes, the work can be too much. Since you already have things to worry about, let us worry about you – help you keep good health at the top of your to-do list.

Our Healthy Rewards program gives our members a way to earn perks while they boost their health, quality of life and well-being. The idea is simple: When you do things that can lead to better health or avoid problems, we reward you! Rewards categories include:

· Health & Wellness

· Checkups & Screenings

· Mom & Baby

· Health Condition Management

How does the Healthy Rewards program work?

At MetroPlusHealth, we don’t cover our members just when they are sick. We want to keep you healthy, too. Most of our plans pay you up to $500 to work out and offer you a ride to and from the doctor. Plus, finish our “just drink water challenge” and you will earn 150 points (a $15 value in MetroPlus Rewards).

The rewards are popular items such as:

· For physical activity – baseball mitts, basketballs, quilted sleeping bags, and activity trackers

· For diet and health habits – blenders, digital thermometers, polarized sunglasses)

· Other rewards simply help you relax and have fun

You can also earn rewards for preventive care. You will get points when you see a primary care provider within 60 days of joining our plan Or, when you take our Step-Up Walking Challenge.

It's as easy as earning, tracking and shopping. And, you will get FREE SHIPPING on every order!

Join our family. It’s time to reward yourself.

You do good work for others; now let us take care of you. Join the MetroPlusHealth family, and get a health plan made just for Freelancers Union.

Here’s what our members have to say about our rewards program. Learn more and see how you can gain from the MetroPlus Rewards Program.

MetroPlusHealth Since 1985, MetroPlusHealth Plan has helped New Yorkers find good healthcare at low cost. Call 1-855-809-4073 to find affordable plans for freelancers.

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