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Gearing up for the holiday dash

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The holidays are here, bringing with them opportunities to enjoy fun times with family and friends. The holidays can also be a stressful time for freelancers, though. It’s easy to get run down when trying to keep up with work assignments and a steady flow of social commitments.

If you find yourself running out of energy at work, take the time to do two things:

· Get the health care you need. Don’t wait until “feeling lousy” turns into “flat on your back” before using your health insurance. Health professionals can help uncover what’s wrong and provide a plan for getting you better.

· Take time to exercise and eat right. Do you tend to work so hard that you never have time to stretch, go for walk or prepare healthy meals? You can break that cycle to feel better – and be more productive at work.

MetroPlusHealth can help you get more done by helping you stay in top form.

Medical care that matches your busy schedule

You can always see a doctor right away, even from the comfort of your home! With MetroPlus Virtual Visit, doctors are available 24/7. Just login on your smart phone, tablet or computer. With Virtual Visit, urgent care, online therapy, and initial online psychiatry visits and follow up visits are FREE as part of your MetroPlusHealth coverage.

Guidance and ideas for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Essential Plan members can use our gym reimbursement program for big health results at the least cost. To help you stay healthy, we will pay you back up to $200 or the cost of your gym membership (whichever is lower) every 6 months. That’s $400 per year. Is your spouse also a MetroPlus member? Then they can be reimbursed up to $100 or the cost of your membership. You can get these payments every six months.

If you want to get healthy or stay healthy, join us!

Our Essential Plans are for those who don’t qualify for Medicaid. You can enroll in the Essential Plans all year long. Learn more here.

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