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Meet the Faces of Freelance

It feels like a long time in the making, but nonetheless, on behalf on everyone at Freelancers Hub, it's truly exciting to unveil Faces of Freelance to the world. This community-based project is yet another way in which we are choosing to empower freelancers by offering a platform to present their unique stories and experiences in freelancing.

Not long after joining Freelancers Hub as Marketing Manager, I was thrust into Faces of Freelance meetings with our collaborating partner Narratively. My understanding of the project's purpose and scope were simple: interview freelancing community members about their experiences. As my connection with the project and our community grew, however, the significance and purpose of this project were reshaped and rediscovered. Faces of Freelance is not simply a collection of interviews with New York City freelancers, but the beginning of a very important conversation.

According to our recently published Freelancing in NYC study, more than a third of New York City's workforce is freelancing and contributing more than $30 billion annually to the city's economy. The city's diversity is also represented, as freelancers work in each of New York's major industries, represent wide-ranging backgrounds, and make up significant populations in each borough.

Freelancing provides many with freedom through autonomy, flexibility, and the opportunity the pursue a passion otherwise unavailable to them. The experiences of freelancers are typically much more complex than that, however, as issues involving affordable health insurance, fair and on time payment, and debt continue to persist. Faces of Freelance is about providing freelancers with the opportunity to express their issues, successes, and experiences in freelancing.

Check out Faces of Freelance and start sharing your own stories with #FacesofFreelance on social media.