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10 resources NYC freelancers need to know

The Big Apple is home to hundreds of the world’s largest companies, corporations and industries — as well as serving as the nation’s top city for small businesses. On the flip side, New York City also has the largest population of freelancers and contract workers in the United States, who find themselves part of the gig economy — one that is growing and changing rapidly.

At Freelancers Union, our primary mission is to provide a voice through policy advocacy, benefits and community for the 57 million freelancers across the nation. Through our programming, local events and insurance products, we strive to ensure that all freelance workers are protected as the grow in their businesses and careers.

As the saying goes, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” so here are ten resources for those creatives, independent workers and freelancers who live in New York City.

  1. Freelancers Hub: Shameless plug, but can you blame us? Freelancers Hub is the official home for New York City freelancers. Opened in October 2018, Freelancers Hub is a FREE coworking community that offers workshops, legal help and benefits assistance every Monday through Friday. Click here to sign up for one of your four free coworking reservations.

  2. Women.NYC: Who run the world? Women do, of course. This almost one year-old groundbreaking initiative, led by First Lady Chirlane Gray and Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, serves as an online resource for women entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners.

  3. Freelance Isn’t Free: Okay, another shameless plug. Enacted in May 2017, the Freelance Isn’t Free law is the first of its kind to protect freelancers from nonpayment. The law covers freelancers who are earning 1099 income and are owed over $800 for work in a 4-month period. Learn more about it here and find out how we're celebrating its two-year anniversary.

  4. Grow with Google - NYC Learning Center: If you’re looking to brush up on your digital skills, check out Google NYC's new, free learning center. Following an open house on April 13, the center will be open for the next five months. Classes for April are currently full, but keep an eye out on their website for upcoming workshops.

  5. NYC Small Business Services (SBS): The SBS offers New Yorkers free career and business services across all five boroughs. Want to learn what it takes to start a business in NYC? Have an idea for a nonprofit that you’d like to bring to your neighborhood? The SBS has all of those resources and so much more.

  6. SPARK Brooklyn: Known as the community for our freelancers, SPARK groups are in 24 cities across the country and meet on the first Wednesday of every month. Next month’s theme is “Proposals to Get a Job”, and you can sign up for the SPARK Brooklyn meeting by clicking here.

  7. WE NYC: Another initiative for women entrepreneurs, this one is based out of the New York City Department of Small Business Services. Their programs include assistance with crowdfunding, raising capital, and mentorship. Learn more here.

  8. Rivet: A freelancer’s job is never done when it comes to looking for ways to fund that next project. Enter Rivet — a search platform that is designed to help artists and creatives find grants, residencies and other opportunities. Click here to create an account.

  9. Handmade in Brooklyn: Founded in 2016, Handmade in Brooklyn is a self-identifying all-women collective for artistic creatives, freelancers, and small business owners. Registration for membership opens in August, but you can learn more about the collective by clicking here.

  10. New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA): If you’re an artist in any discipline, you surely want to keep this organization on your radar. With a robust classifieds database, NYFA has the largest national online opportunities board in the arts and culture industry. Click here to explore their opportunities.

What are some of your trusted resources that you use in NYC? Tweet us at @nyc_hub to to let us know and we’ll add them to the list!