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9 ways freelance women can help each other get ahead

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Patriarchal systems would have us think that women are competitive, jealous of each other, and gossipy. That we don’t want to see each other win.

On International Women’s Day this past Friday, I shared a post on my Instagram; a story of the first examples of women’s leadership within the household I grew up in. I shared how seeing role model matriarchs in my family helped define my own leadership trajectory. Part of what I wrote was, "It’s up to us to show each other the way through truth, kindness, and unshakeable courage. Celebrate women's day today and every day because when she wins, we all win.”

That last line, “When she wins, we all win," seemed to really agree with my followers. I’ve learned over the years that being in service to each other is the only true way create lasting success.

So not that you need this list because you're probably already doing most of these, but here's my take on nine ways women can help each other get ahead in business.

Share resources

Send boooks, articles, videos, programs, events that you come across to someone in your circle that would benefit from the material.

Be a connector

Scan your network of contacts and facilitate an introduction between two people who could help each other or benefit from knowing one another.


Give out referrals for your favorite women in business. Hand it out like candy!

Share it out!

When someone in your circle starts a new business, gets featured, or has an event that could benefit from more exposure or awareness, share their news! You can do this by posting, re-posting, or forwarding with a link back to their work.

Do business with other women-owned businesses

From my graphic designer to my tax person, I do business with other women. Seek them out and make it a point to work with them.


Sometimes we just need to be heard, not for someone to fix things. Offer your full presence and a listening ear.


Pick five random women from your circle and just send an email or, better yet, pick up the phone with a kind, encouraging, or inspiring word.


Women face more challenges in securing funding than our male counterparts. Consider ways to put your resources to use by investing in women-owned business ventures. I’m beyond grateful to have had an opportunity to invest in a woman-owned venture this year.

Give back

All of our progress will be for nothing if we do not empower the next generation of women leaders. Volunteer your time, be a mentor, teach young girls, or delegate a portion of your income to social causes you care about.

What is one action you can take on from this list to empower women in your circle? We’re all in this together.

Ariane Hunter is the CEO & Founder of Project She Went For Her Dreams. She works with enlightened women and businesses to develop creative brands and build artistic marketing strategies to standout in a meaningful and authentic way.