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Is your work environment stifling your potential? Try these quick fixes

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Reaching your full work potential is all about location, location, location. With some simple tricks, you can optimize your environment to increase your focus, perform at your best, and boost business. Here’s how.

Invest in a cushioned office chair

As employees at a traditional desk job don’t need to buy their own desks and chairs, freelancers tend to not consider their own office furniture a priority. They certainly should though, as comfort can lead to big gains in efficiency and productivity.

Sitting on a cushion-less chair is just asking for back pain and to lose sight of the task at hand, so consider spending a little now an investment in later. Whatever you’re dealing with, from work to dealing with a difficult client, it’s simpler and easier to do from the right chair.

Ditch distractions

While the advantages of working from home are numerous, the constant lure of distraction is a major downside. Perhaps there’s a great TV show on, or sunny weather is calling your name. No matter what, try to commit to completing your to-do list, without random pauses.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be flexible. Remember; everything in moderation. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional distraction, just try to associate your workspace with productivity and limit unplanned breaks. If chatty family members don’t get that memo, be firm but fair.

Get a humidifier

Humidifiers don’t get the same love that heaters and air conditioners do, but they should! They are an affordable, simple, and reliable way to make your workspace more pleasant all year. Dry air from air conditioners or heat is tough on your eyes, as well as your sinuses. And as an extra bonus, humidifiers double as sound machines to help you concentrate.

The most general recommendation is 40-50% humidity, so fill your humidifier with distilled water (to reduce bacteria) and get to work.

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