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4 fitness sites freelancers should bookmark right now

There are two reasons home workouts are perfect for freelancers. One, you're self-motivated. Two, when irregular payment schedules can make the essentials feel like a struggle, who wants to add a gym membership?

Of course, there are an infinite number of fitness websites that cater to every workout type, schedule, and fitness philosophy, and you (hopefully) don't have time to test run them all. To make your next break a productive one, we've rounded up four of the best, for every preference. Bonus: they're free!


For literally everyone
Joshua “Coach” Kozak and Claudia, the married co-hosts of "Heart and Soul Fitness," are the definition of fitness and couple goals. Together they've produced a broad library of workouts, from senior level and seated for beginners, to strength, HIIT, pilates, and yoga for all levels, to former champion fighter Coach Kozak’s truly lip quivering MMA- and UFC-inspired routines.

In short, HASfit has something for everyone, from your grandma to Dwayne Johnson. No matter which routine you settle on, sessions with them genuinely feel like working out with two friends. Two really good-looking friends who have all their s*** together, aren’t remotely annoying about it, and just want to help you “get better at life.” Who could let them down?

POP Pilates

For the easily distracted
Cassey Ho's POP Pilates has gone from the occasional Youtube video to a legit fitness empire, complete with a clothing line and a certification program. But when Cassey gets in front of the camera, it’s still just the three of you: you, her, and whatever secret source of power she's drawing on to transcend time and space to make sure that you will. not. stop. Not even if this ab video is from 2011.

Even if you consider yourself a pilates pro, Cassey's brand of high reps and high intensity is a step up. She's ideal for anyone who needs extra stimulus to stay locked in, as she choreographs every workout to pop music and chats about her latest trip to the MAC store even on her 500th squat.

Yoga with Adriene

For those who need a workout buddy
With instructions like, “Now turn around… and look at my pants!” Adriene Mishler puts having a good time on the mat way ahead of technical prowess. She also welcomes the occasional cameo from her dog, Benji.

Whether you’re new to yoga or reading this in headstand, her self-love-infused classes are cures for what ails you. Categories range from “Yoga For Creativity” and “Yoga For Self Doubt” to “Stress Melt” (we’ll take two please). Is self-judgment keeping you from nailing that deadline? Maybe you need to work out with an accomplished yogi-celeb who also falls out of poses from time to time and drops the occasional f-bomb. See, she’s doing fine!

Sean Vigue Fitness

For outdoor types (and anyone on a deadline)
Hate even seeing gyms? Sean Vigue may just be your fitness soulmate. A former opera singer-turned power yoga and pilates guru (who also moonlights for HASfit), he rarely films indoors, preferring to lay his mat wherever looks most stunning around his Colorado home. And when he does stick close to home, his deck is pretty sweet.

Don’t let dramatically beautiful mountains and lakes, or Sean’s chipper personality, fool you. His workouts are intense — particularly the deceptively short “power yoga” variety. If long preambles and focus on yoga philosophy aren’t your thing, trust that you’re in good, to-the-point hands with Sean. While he does espouse the mentally “disruptive” benefits of the practice, his focus is on the athletic.

He changes it up constantly, doesn't waste time, and keeps his sense of humor. Now that's a philosophy freelancers can live by.