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We’re partnering with Joust to break down freelance banking barriers

This is a sponsored post from Joust, the first financial services company animated by and focused on the unique needs of freelancers. The Joust multi-feature financial app is now available for iOS and Android.

Freelancers, do you feel like the current banking system just doesn’t know the struggle? When it comes to financial pain points like cash-flow disruptions and payment processing, the independent workforce has long been shut out by traditional banks. But like workforce demographics, banking is changing!

Freelancers Union is excited to partner with Joust to bring freelancers a banking platform that is specifically tailored to their needs. The Joust app allows freelancers to control their cash flow, easily process payments, and bank more ethically. What’s more, Joust is waiving all fees on the first $25,000 of processed invoices for Freelancers Union members, and also offering $5 per referred friend and priority access to new features. Just enter UNIONPERKS at signup.

Here’s what else you need to know.

Payment protection and processing

With its PayArmour(™) tool, Joust protects freelancers from client nonpayment for invoices up to $5,000. As 71% of freelancers have experienced late payment and nonpayment, this saves valuable time spent chasing invoices. Oh and it alleviates a major headache of freelance life. Win-win!

Not only does Joust allow you to open a merchant account to process debit and credit card payments, but it also allows for faster and easier receipt of payments. If you haven’t come into the 21st century yet, trust that it just got a lot easier.

Ethical banking

Joust allows freelancers to open an FDIC-insured deposit account that’s backed by a network of community banks. As these entities must put liquidity in communities with the most need, you get peace of mind twice over.

The Joust banking app is now available on iOS and Android. To learn more, click here.