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Freelancing means freedom–and a serious pitfall no one wants to talk about

Ah, freelancing. The freedom to set your own hours, work in your underpants, spend days on end without leaving the house or interacting with other human beings while subsisting entirely on cheese slices and handfuls of stale cereal: both the perks and pitfalls of freelance life are well-documented.

But there’s one particular risk to freelancing most people don’t want to talk about: What happens to your family if something happens to you?

Why you need life insurance

Life insurance probably doesn’t top your list of coverage priorities, especially if you’re young and healthy. But if anyone depends on your freelance income in addition to you, it’s something you should seriously consider. Freelancers don’t have the same protections as traditionally employed workers; if something happens to you and you’re not covered, your family loses your income–for good.

Build your own safety net, support your union

Life insurance is an important part of your freelance safety net, along with disability, health, and dental insurance. And it can cost as little as $7 a month. Buying insurance through Freelancers Union means you’re directly supporting your union, which means that by protecting your family, you’re also fighting for a better future for freelancers.

Where you buy insurance matters. Get insured and support a better future for freelancers.

Sarah McCarry Sarah McCarry is the author of the novels All Our Pretty Songs, Dirty Wings, and About A Girl.

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