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Keep your teeth, support your union

When you enroll in dental insurance through the Freelancers Union, you’re directly supporting advocacy campaigns like the landmark Freelance Isn’t Free law. The plans available on our site have been hand-selected for freelancers by our experts, and we’re always here to support you if you have questions.

How does it work?

Our partners pay one of Freelancers Union’s affiliates a little bit for each member who enrolls–at no extra cost to you. And the more people Freelancers Union represents, the louder the voice Freelancers Union has with each carrier. That means our experts have direct access to senior staff and can advocate for members if there is an issue.

Why buy through Freelancers Union?

When you buy insurance through us, you’re working with people who will have your back. But that doesn’t just mean we’ll answer your questions about your insurance. We’re working around the clock to build a better future for freelancers, through advocacy initiatives like the Freelance Isn’t Free law and organizing to demand better healthcare options for independent workers.

Community at no extra cost to you

Supporting Freelancers Union means supporting independent workers at large–and it doesn’t cost you any more than the price of your insurance. So get dental insurance through Freelancers Union, and the next time you go to the dentist, smile big: you’re supporting your union.

Sarah McCarry Sarah McCarry is the author of the novels All Our Pretty Songs, Dirty Wings, and About A Girl.

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