Freelancers deserve protection from harassment

Jun 18, 2018

Too many freelancers in America have experienced harassment and discrimination with few legal protections or paths for recourse. The #TimesUp and #MeToo movements have recently shined a spotlight on the fact that these issues are painful problems that extend beyond any one industry or set of workers.

Today in New York City, I’ll be offering testimony alongside some courageous Freelancers Union members in support a New York City Council bill that will clarify that the human rights code workplace protections extend to freelancers.

While this would undoubtedly be a positive step, we need better laws to make sure that all freelancers feel safe at work. In order to help us push for legislative change, we need to hear from you -- how has this issue affected you?


(Freelancers Union will not share your story without your permission).

If you live in New York City, please write or call your City Council member to express your support for the bill introduced by Brad Lander: Int 0136: Protections for workers under the city’s human rights law.

Freelancers deserve to be safe and protected from discrimination and harassment. Please join us in standing up for change.

Caitlin Pearce

Former Executive Director of Freelancers Union. During her 9-year tenure, Caitlin spearheaded ambitious union initiatives such as launching Freelancers Hub and passing the Freelance Isn't Free law.