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5 pro tips for creating the perfect workplace

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Do you know when you’ll achieve the ultimate success as an entrepreneur? You’re probably thinking about millions of dollars right now, aren't you? Well, the answer to this question is a bit subtler than money. It’s about your employees. You will be a successful entrepreneur when you make your employees inspired to do their job in the best way possible. You’ll achieve greatness when you provide the perfect working environment for them.

You have to invest time, effort, and money in creating the perfect working environment for your team. Here are 5 key tips on how to do just that:

Get feedback from your employees

Ask everyone from the team to share how they envision their ideal working environment.

Lianne Miller, a team leader from Essaygeeks, shares her experience in creating the perfect working space: “We wanted to create a lovely coworking space for our in-house writers, so the first thing I did was ask them: What do you want? We got some really interesting answers. There was one aspect that all answers had in common: Everyone envisioned an office environment filled with bright and diverse people. They didn’t want to spend 8 hours a day in a boring space. So we created a colorful office and scheduled fun breaks in between work. It’s working out great!”

The feedback from your employees can drive you in the right direction. Find out what exactly they want and do your best to provide the ideal workspace for them.

Practice common courtesy

Nothing is colder than a superior walking down the hall at work and ignoring an employee who just said a friendly “Hello.” Don’t be a stiff! Do not be the one who gives a stone stare in response to common courtesy.

Happiness in the workplace starts and ends with the attitude of the boss. You’re there to set the tone. This doesn’t mean you should be making jokes all the time. It only means you should be friendly. Say “Hello everyone” when you enter the office. Say “Have a great afternoon you all!” when you leave. Congratulate people on their birthdays! Show up at their weddings (when invited, of course). Show you appreciate your employees, and they will be happy they work for you.

With a pleasant attitude based on common courtesy, you’re setting the overall vibe in the office. Take that responsibility very seriously.

Improve communication

How do you and all members of the team communicate? Is everything going via email? Do you call them in a conference room when you have important news and instructions to give? That’s okay, but those communication channels are too cold. You have to warm up a bit.

Your employees will feel more motivated when you give positive reinforcement and you show how their work made your business more successful. So make friendly feedback part of your communication strategy.

You should also include “friendlier” channels of communication, such as conference calls and group chats. They will make your employees feel more relaxed.

Light it up

Light affects our mood. Natural lighting through windows has a positive effect on our motivation and willpower. If natural light is not possible in your office, the least you can do is invest in proper artificial lighting.

Blue-enriched white light, for example, is proven to improve performance and alertness. If you have a special space where your employees can rest and socialize, use warmer tones of lighting to promote relaxation.

Investing in a professional interior design project that includes the lighting is a smart decision to make when you’re setting up your office.

Encourage collaboration

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. If you expect everyone to achieve their best results while being isolated from everyone else in the team, your employees will soon reach the burnout point.

The ideal workspace is a collaborative environment, where everyone can get assistance and constructive feedback. Support collaboration! Be there for your employees and encourage them to work with each other.

Create a happy place

Everyone wants to work in their happy place! You want your employees to be happy so your organization will thrive. Provide the ideal workspace for them!

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